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I've already registered with them,they have my banking details buy I haven't deposited the money yet,what can I do to protect my money or to prevent them from taking my money Sun Apr 8 Tokyo: I would make sure to call your bank and inform them to block any unauthorized charges, though I doubt they will charge your card without talking to you first. I am sure they will be trying to contact you to deposit with one of there super dope brokers who will make you lots of money!

LoL when they do don't pick up the phone binary options analyst page 2 respond to their emails if you are smart. I would simply stay away from this broker too many complaints. Thank you so much ,I thought that maybe they'll take my money without my binary options analyst page 2.

November edited November This is why you never communicate with them on the phone no matter if they call you like a psycho ex girlfriend 20 times in a day trying to get ahold of you lol.

Binary options trading has never been an easy industry. Although there are a few outstanding, simple and easy web-based platform, like BigOption and more, you have to do your research. It's an all-or-nothing industry, and you have to do your homework, learn the trading signals, the charts and all the other education tools at your disposition.

Indeed, many complaints are going viral on the net and some brokers have tried to address this issue by giving their own opinions. I registered with BigOption and lost quite a sum of money, reason was that I allowed them to trade on my behalf, until I decided to make my own market research and trade myself.

Now I'm binary options analyst page 2 recuperating the sum I lost and trying to make profits. How long will these complaints continue to escalate? Like I don't even know how y'all are experience such "bad services" with bigoption when I have been trading for 3 years with them without any issue.

I'm in control of my trades and the account manager cannot do anything. I win trade and lose trade, but for binary options analyst page 2 past 18 months I've been happy with the extra income I've been making from home on my iPad.

Like Viviana said, binary options trading is not an easy market. You have to put in some extra effort and educate yourself with the learning material that's at your disposition Look its common sense odds are you are a marketer or work for the broker.

The number binary options analyst page 2 complaints on them floating around is high because of that fact stay away from them. Its the companies own fault for their bad reviews and yes from what you can see just by doing a small amount or research they DESERVE them binary options analyst page 2 cheating customers as many other brokers do.

Does the group own both firms? Again trust nobody people like this are here to misguide you. This is my story with big Option: I am retired 15 years ago and my wife was very sick and at the hospital.

I was amazed by your video. I have filled your form and 10 mins after I have received a phone call of Marie Jeannot from France. I do it by credit card. Fifteen mins later I received a call of a french people Diego Costa. It was the last contact with Diego Costa. I refused and ask to talk to a french people, prefer with Diego.

No answer from Diego. It was not Diego who call me but Daniel Buckley English man binary options analyst page 2 can speak french, we were the 10th april. In August I write to the support: I don't wanted to have Daniel Buckley as manager, I don't need this kind binary options analyst page 2 people.

This individual is a person who loves handled, laugh at others, in short, use all means to achieve his terms. I just wanted to invest for the robot. Then after, no more news for 3 weeks. He could call me up to times a day for more and more money. I call it harassment.

And I have no contol on my account. I am VIP now I never want that. You will find in option all conversation between him and me on Skype. Find somebody to translate it.

Look on the trades that he is doing: This man is dangerous for trading. Daniel make me a lot of promises, but the looser was me.

The rest of the money he place it in trade at long term. After that I have passed one other month without news, send messages by chat but no messages. The first day of october I have received a call from Peter Thompson. I was furious, try to call him, no answer. Two days later, he has changed the password I can not have access to the site because I never received it in my e-mail cancel the 2 withdrawals and begin to trade with the ladder at For finish he come back to the ladder at How a trader can lost 70 trades in 50 min?

I have written many time to the investigation department and they give me 2 times the same this answer: You will have to wait for the trades to be expired then the Expert will continue trading for you.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. Should you have binary options analyst page 2 more queries, we will be more than happy to assist you. In under a year, I was passed between five brokers. Finally, after losing money through them, I got a call from a "Peter Thompson" who promised to turn my binary options analyst page 2 around and provide better service. He lost 12 consecutive trades by an egregious amount, draining the remainder binary options analyst page 2 the account.

I'm convinced these trades never took place, and were entirely fabricated to cover the fact that the money was out and binary options analyst page 2 stolen. I'm seeking a solution to the issue, but I have no idea who can help me with this outrageous act of theft. I'm in the US, btw. If they are in Israel Tel Aviv it's a very dangerous place, we can make their birthday with the russian mafia for Daniel Buckley, Peter Thompson and all the gang. I am serious, make a clean up.

Loose money but for something. Without any written agreement for the account and the account not verified the broker traded on sixty-second trades and binary options. She failed to answer my calls. The compliance department blocked the account only when the broker S.

She had been allowed to trade for nearly 3 months when the account was not verified without my agreement. I had no support from their support department. The support department said she had the authority even thought there was no written agreement to that effect.

I had a previous account which the broker had authority but she even ignored the instructions of trading using only 7. She convinced me to open a second binary options analyst page 2 solely as a corporate retirement but she had no agreement to trade or any agreement to take bonuses. I did not give her details of the account she gave me the account. The support department said she had every right to trade even though the account had not been verified. I thought binary options analyst page 2 were regulated; obviously I did not do my homework.

December edited December You know im sorry you lost your money, but WTF were you thinking you lost your pension, are you in the US? If not ill be quiet cause i have no clue what to say, but if you are jesus fing christ so many red flags, and im guessing even in Uk same red flags.

I wont be a dick let me ask you what was the reason you dumped 30, k into a unknown?? Be honest ill do a vid and share more and more often im seeing people dump huge amounts of money into scams, I would love to know how they talked you into it, and what made you think it was legit. PM me if you dont want to post here, I would like to know to help others, and how they reeled you in.

Maybe we can do a class action to bring down BigOption. Well it was true for a week i then reaslied thats what they do- try and make your account look like huge gains and ask for more money and then I got a call from a Daniel "somebody" who made this big claim that there was going to be a huge trade happening on the Friday due to the US announcement about employment rates.

Everyone was going to make binary options analyst page 2 gains for the following Monday. I noticed on the Friday no trade had been made. Monday came- no follow up call to tell me how much wonderful money I had made: Basically they took the money and maybe they did trade with it- but it wasn't given to me!! Also, in general so many "losses" - sometimes 5 losses to 1 win.

When I made a complaint to the account manager binary options analyst page 2 the new year he ignored me, of course. First thing the next morning binary options analyst page 2 withdrawal was rejected surprise, surprise!

All the emails came together to tell me all of this by the way- so sly. I question whether they are making losses when they say they are and actually making money on the account and keeping for themselves. And this was really strange -when the account was opened I got sent sent two different account numbers via email at the same time.