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Some patients have taken to ordering generic forms of PrEP, approved by the FDA last year, over the internet. It additionally pointed to limited transportation options to PrEP providers in low-income and rural communities, healthcare providers being unable to offer sliding-scale services to low-income jak vydelat penize online pomoci binarnich opci, and departments of health lacking funds to launch HIV-prevention efforts.

This is what Savage described: increased risk behavior spurred by a perceived decrease in susceptibility to HIV. Put another way, potential PrEP users do not get a prescription because they are apprehensive of potential judgment, and healthcare providers are wary of prescribing it for fear of giving license to riskier sexual behavior.

One study showed that surveyed medical students were more likely to presuppose a hypothetical black MSM patient would engage in barebacking compared to a hypothetical white MSM patient; study participants were less willing to prescribe the former PrEP.

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