Trading topik

The past three decades have seen an unprecedented explosion of activity in a new sub-discipline of mathematics: The emergence of this field has parallelled the expansion of the quantitative…. High-frequency trading, where computer algorithms are programmed to buy and sell financial products in a fraction of a second, is a profitable business but also a controversial practice.

As the sixth iteration of The Fast and the Furious franchise rolls out in cinemas, a greater speed demon lurks in our financial markets: While the good guys in Fast 6 are…. The speed increase of stock trading from microseconds to nanoseconds leads to an increase in order cancellations and is otherwise…. The Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation recently announced new ASIC Market Integrity Rules to address the growth in automated trading and the changing nature of dark liquidity in equities….

The dangers of massive high frequency trading are becoming increasingly clear in equity markets. Today for the first time in its history, the Australian Securities Exchange will face competition in equities trading. This means that there will now be a choice of trading venue for the execution of orders….

Stock market trading has been transformed over the last two decades in ways that are fated to increase the likelihood of complete market collapse. Stocks used to be traded by human beings through shouted….

People also remember his grit when he did not let pain get the better of him and Yuvraj Singh and his camaraderie. Sharma was there to support husband Virat Kohli and team. Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu showed grit and did not let the other to take a lead. However, Nehwal used her experience to emerge as the winner and won , in one hour. Many artists also took a creative path to protest.

A few took a punny and sarcastic route to slam those who sided with the accused and tried to save them. One such cartoon depicting Ram and Sita is going viral and the cartoonist has been receiving a lot of hate online. Finally she decided to fight back. Demanding safety and protection for all children of India irrespective of their caste, creed or religion, Netizens started this movement on social media.

Many argued that humanity has no religion and the heinous crime should not be dissected under the name of religion. Karan Johar just revealed the star cast of his new Student of the Year 2, and reactions on social media have been mixed.